(30 mins)



30 Minutes healing from our Reiki Master Practitioner


Card & Psychic Reading (30 mins)


Using tarot, oracle and Angel cards to help with guidance from your angels and guides


Sound healing meditation & soul alignment session (Distance)


Welcome to my brand new distance sound healing meditation & soul alignment session...

This session will be live every month on a set day each month.

To join me for this amazing session... 

All you need is a device with zoom installed... 

A set of earphones... 

A calm and quiet space... 

And be ready for a wonderful sound healing meditation session with me.

So what is sound healing therapy and how can it benefit you? 


sent by message



1 question & 3 cards reading, sent via message within 24 hours. you must send your question via message on my facebook page or instagram profile or via contact form on my website.


Card & Psychic Reading (1hr)


Using tarot, oracle and Angel cards to help with guidance from your angels and guides


(1 hour)



60 Minutes healing from our Reiki Master Practitioner


Chakra Healing



The process of restoring a harmonious flow of energy across the chakra system



Reiki Healing


Upto 30 Minutes of distance healing from our Reiki Master Practitioner


Reiki Attunement



30 Minutes of Reiki Distance Attunement our Reiki Master Practitioner

Crystal healing.jpg

Crystal Healing



Crystal healing using semi-precious stones placed around and on the body


Mediumship Distance Reading (30 mins)


You will receive a 30 minute reading where I connect with passed loved ones to bring you any messages of guidance, support & love. 

With this reading you can send me a photo of a deceased loved one you want to connect with, and I will bring you any messages that they have for you.


Please note.. No medical, pregnancy or death related questions allowed... 

After we receive the booking payment, we will email you to arrange a time and date for the service you have booked,